Daniel’s relationship with Henley Reeves is actually difficult

Daniel’s relationship with Henley Reeves is actually difficult

Henley Reeves

She is actually their secretary, but left immediately after a conflict among them. Once they basic spotted each other once again, Merritt presumed which they was indeed again than simply lovers and you will asked if they was no longer several, resulting in both of them so you’re able to jump and you can refuse the point that. The guy afterwards retains Henley within his fingers when she had plummeted regarding the air while in the a program and you can comments on her behalf loss away from lbs, suggesting that he had kept this lady bridal-build many times before. At the conclusion of the initial motion picture, he could be viewed carrying hands because they plunge on merry-go-bullet. Regarding 2nd repayment, when Lula said the absence of Henley in order to Daniel, he flinches and you can tightens the fresh rope he had been tying Lula having. It has been hinted numerous times that he misses his old secretary and you may friend about motion picture. Presumed which he always wanted to get together again having, Henley.

Merritt McKinney

Atlas is actually shown to keeps known Merritt before appointment him. Merritt thinks you to Atlas is actually a handling freak. From the a couple instalments, they build an informal relationships, in which Merritt comes after and you can respects J. Daniel Atlas in which he, in exchange, areas him given that a single mentalist.

Jack Wilder

Daniel is somewhat from maiotaku sign in a mentor to help you Jack. Before it met, Jack know everything about Daniel and you can consider very extremely out of him. Jack try some sort of an excellent superfan throughout the basic 1 / 2 of of motion picture but he later on created an informal connection with J. Daniel Atlas. Whether or not regarding next flick, he was slightly troubled by the Daniel’s lack of attract to the their other teammates adopting the Eye left your looking forward.

Dylan Rhodes

Daniel suggests a specific arrogance towards Dylan believing that he’s a simple policeman who does maybe not know very well what is originating so you can him. Soon after reading Dylan’s genuine label, Daniel produces a particular jealousy on the Dylan seeing that he desires is the best choice regarding Horsemen. Immediately following Henley leaves, Daniel believes Dylan shouldn’t be this new magician. Their distrust and you will frustrations produces to the level in which Daniel doesn’t have confidence in something Dylan claims. But immediately after Dylan also provides themselves abducted to save Daniel’s lifetime and you can keep the newest cards, Daniel’s view with the ex-FBI representative flips an effective 180 and also the two expand an unlikely relationship. Overtime, it suggests that it establish a father/boy for example relationships towards the end.

Lula Can get

Daniel does not appear to show that he does not eg the lady at all the. Regardless if the guy do. Though in the beginning, he’s quite harm of the Lula substitution Henley, but since the motion picture progresses, he more sluggish discovers so you’re able to esteem the girl because Horseman too since the development an informal relationship.


Daniel ‘s the Horseman with even the most ranged experiences given that a great magician; escapologist, and slight from hands, plus cardistry. Though the guy has a tendency to specialize in bigger illusions, connected with way more developed and you can unique consequences. Does not appear to be skilled at mentalism, yet not.

Jack and you may Dylan endeavor and you will Dylan and you will Alma chase Jack for the a car or truck. With the 59th Highway Connection however, Jack’s vehicles begins to flip and it catches flame. Jack is thought so you’re able to perish regarding automobile, however, Dylan is able to rating papers regarding the auto that let you know one due to their 3rd tell you, new Horsemen was providing funds from a keen Elkorn secure within the Queens. Dylan and his police realize that brand new safe got already come went and you may was went to help you 5 Pointz, that’s where in actuality the Horsemen was creating the latest show. However, within let you know, it find out the contents of the safer was actually replaced having balloon pet.

It is indicated that the latest plane got never ever taken off. Walter, Arthur, and you can Chase was tricked into trusting they’d taken out of as the out of hosts that had artificial traveling regarding air as well as the rider of the airplane was actually changed. Their crimes was indeed shown to live on watchers worldwide and are generally detained. Dylan therefore the Four Horsemen see Li’s miracle collection. Thaddeus joins him or her and additionally they all of the walk into a secret chamber, which leads to good spiral staircase molded once the Eye, and they fall off.

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