However he doesn’t like her at all

However he doesn’t like her at all

Ozu considerably moved on their tone towards the one or two-hour-long Tokyo Boshoku/ Tokyo Twilight (1957), a gloomy and you will eager fresco of contemporary area that utilizes an excellent huge cast regarding letters. The fresh protagonist drifts into the a society that does not have any appeal for her. She doesn’t have the fresh stamina to help you rebel possibly. Very she feels one she need to have never been born. The film possess several moral coaching, and there is fault for nearly every person, folks guilty of self-centered conclusion you to definitely wound-up causing pain so you’re able to someone else. Every now and then your camera pauses on the a scene in place of people: a clock, a light, a street signal, a window, an increase regarding rail.

As he becomes house, the man finds his child Takako, Numata’s spouse, just who says to your that they are separating. This lady young cousin Akiko, who studied in university nevertheless lifestyle making use of their dad, has wishing a sleep for her and her absolutely nothing daughter. Shukichi was a modest financial employee. Their sister is an intense and you may effective buyers of your financial, an abundant company-girl. She acquisitions your supper and you will tells him that Akiko requested this lady for money. She thinks Akiko has been solitary long and will be offering so you can find an effective fits on her. Akiko visits around three college or university relatives wanting Kenji, but they are nowhere can be found. The youngsters tell her you to definitely a lady, who operates an effective majhong household, was inquiring factual statements about her.

Home, Shukichi apologizes to help you their daughter Takako having forcing the lady so you’re able to wed Numata as opposed to the man she it really is cherished

At the same time, Shukichi visits Numata, who tends to make a full time income while the a translator, and discovers your within the a depressing vibe. Akiko visits the brand new majhong family, looking for Kenji, and match the particular owner, Kisako, who was asking throughout the this lady. The proprietor claims that she was previously the next-door neighbor whenever Akiko was a small kid. I learn that Akiko’s brother passed away to your a climbing expedition. Akiko features searching for Kenji in the city, in vain. She in the end incurs your. The guy would like to prevent her but she should talk to your. Akiko tells him one this woman is pregnant, and Kenji is really disappointed.

She spends the night into the a bar and you can a questionable police administrator picks the lady right up. This lady older sister needs to come and conserve this lady in the police route. Its dad learns and gets furious, although elderly daughter reminds him one to Akiko spent my youth instead a mother or father. Akiko in reality seems one to she is an unwanted guy, and from now on the woman is against a decision regarding the her own undesirable guy. The sister has done this lady research and gifts Shukichi which have a good level of possible grooms. She along with states that Shukichi’s ex-partner is back in town. Takako, that is paying attention, understands that their within majhong parlor who was simply interested about Akiko is the much time-missing mommy. The newest sister wishes her to learn how it happened.

A heart-old company kid, Shukichi, closes during the a restaurant to have an instant restaurants and you may discovers you to his boy-in-law Numata was only truth be told there, inebriated, escorted from the a few people

Their mommy fled having several other son, who passed away inside the a jail go camping, and also essentially got a hard life, now she actually is having various other man. Takako instantly visits the mother, who is pretty happy observe her. But Takako isn’t indeed there to be caring, she’s for the an objective: she begs mom never to share with Akiko exactly who the woman is. Takako seems so it create perform difficulties for her younger sis and her father. Akiko finds the cash possesses a keen abortion. Back home, she collapses on flooring and cries observing the lady sister’s toddler. Their sis Takako informs the woman one the sister has actually discovered a beneficial an excellent suits, however, Akiko, way more disheartened than before, responses you to she doesn’t want to find married.

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